This is a short film I shot for a start-up company based in Portland. The idea was to have kids create their own scripts, and the company will come in and film their vision. I took care of video, audio, lighting, and the drone shot in the beginning.

This is my reel for 2023. It's full of my recent footage from events, graduation videos, advertisements, and music videos. All shot on my Sony A7iii, and edited/color corrected in Premiere, except my music video shots, which were edited by a colleague.

This is the recap video of TWU's 2022 Block Party event. I shot and edited this using my Sony a7iii and a motorized gimbal. The color grade and edits were done in Premiere, and the graphic at the end was created in Photoshop and animated in After Effects.

A highlight reel of signature events put on by TWU's Student Union. All footage and photos were shot and edited by me, except the drag show photos, which were shot by a colleague while I was running the audio during that event. This highlight video is now used by the department in TWU's college orientations.

This is a promo video I shot and edited for the D&D Adventurer's Club at TWU, they needed footage for their social media accounts, so I shot vertical footage for their Instagram/Tiktok pages.

The audio was recorded on a portable recorder, with a SM58 mic. Shot on my Sony a7iii, edited and graded in Premiere. Graphics at the end were taken from a flyer and put into After Effects to create the dripping paint-like animation.
Virtual interview series shot for Hand Drawn Records. Shot and edited on my own, with a partner watching audio levels. In-house feed and segments were shot on a Nikon D3300. Interview feed was screen recorded on a tablet. All media was edited together in Premiere to look like a live broadcast.

This is a project I created in 2020 when working at Hand Drawn Records's vinyl pressing plant. I tried to capture the process creation from the beginning of the record, as PVC pellets, to the packaged end product which ends up on shelves in record stores. This was before I had a gimbal, so I had to get creative with stabilizing the camera. Shot on a Nikon D3300.

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